WHAT Children Say...

"It is the funniest, weirdest and most creative club I've been to!"

"I like story circle because I like listening to stories and drawing"

"I like Story Circle because you never know what's going to happen!"




"My son loves it - it's a lovely club!"

"It's the highlight of his week - every week...

He's become confident in commenting on different aspects of

stories from around the world."

"It's so inspiring - the perfect end to each week."

"thank you so much - He comes home buzzing about your stories and we love reading them online together"

"We've had a great time - he takes in all the stories and themes and talks about them at home -

thank you SO much!"

There’s stories in you

There’s stories in me

Wherever we are,

Whatever we see

There’s stories in me,

There’s stories in you,

They join us together, 

Near and far, old and new!

Spring term 2019

Jason & The Argonauts
Echo & Narcissus
Yggdrasil - the caring tree
The Story Bag
Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash
Sif's Golden Hair
The Little Girl in Winter
Our Golden Rules
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WINTER term 2018

14 December - your invitation!
The Talking Eggs
Elidorus & The Fairies
Music & Quetzacoatl
Find Your Fortune
The Story-Telling Stone
Story Building
The Meaning of Magic
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Term 3: April- July 2018

The Easy Life
Pangu's Messy Universe/bedroom
Anansi & Death's Big Fridge
Amaterasu & Susanoo
The Sky High Tree
Nothing Is Impossible
We Are Story-Tellers!
Musing with Muses
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Term 2: January-March 2018

The Story-Telling Stone
The Flying Trunk
Demeter & Persephone
Sally & Fairy One-Step
The Firebird
Sif's Golden Hair
Golden Fish (dangerous wish)
The First Rainbow
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Term 1: Sept-December 2017

End of term 1
Join our end of term extravaganza!
7 Steps to every story
The Selkies
When a fisherman put his wants before another's
Two tales of Brer Rabbit
Moon in the Pond & Tar Baby
Quertzlcoatl: how we got music
An Aztec tale
Maud and the Dragon
A tale the children finish themselves
The Genie and the Fisherman
From 1001 Nights
The Hunt for the Magic Hammer
When Thor and Loki dress up
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