- Liz Thompson,

former Director of Communications

 "I thoroughly enjoyed working with Gill at the RSC.  ​Her dynamism and confidence in the public affairs arena really shone through.

"She's knowledgeable, professional and smart - combining useful pragmatism with strategic depth and creativity." 

- and -

"Gill is great fun to work with and exudes an enthusiasm and positivity which affects everyone who works with her. I really enjoyed working with Gill at the RSC and hope to work with her again in the future. She’s excellent at what she does and achieves objectives quickly and apparently effortlessly.

"Gill is not afraid to deal with challenging issues and has a natural ability to understand how to motivate the most difficult team members towards achieving a common goal."   - Mary Butlin, former Marketing Manager


Nigel Clarke, 

former MD, GJW Weber Shandwick

"Gill has the rare but essential quality of sound judgment, coupled with excellent analytical skills.

"She has undertaken first class campaigns on behalf of clients from many sectors, but especially health and transport.


"She has a good understanding of political process, and is well connected. Furthermore, and importantly, Gill has hinterland - she is diverse interests, is intelligent, amusing. "


- Tom Lewis, Director

"Gill has a unique gift:  she takes the theory and makes it immediately accessible & relevant to real world problems.

She achieved more in a day than most people would in a week, avoiding jargon, using accessible, fun exercises & tools."


- Clair Titley, Director & Producer

"Gill is the ultimate story-smith!


"I worked with Gill on the early stages of development of my feature film script and found her skills and expertise invaluable to my project.


"She has an uncanny ability to navigate the many twists and turns of an idea that sometimes seem overwhelming as a director - especially when you have been emerged in a project for sometime.


"Through her guidance and help I have been able to move on to the next stage of pre-production. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gill to anyone who needs support in this way, whether commercially or as a creative yourself.


- Sarah Robertson,

Director of Special Projects

"Gill's outside eye helped Colston Hall to see how various narrative strands were linked and could be combined for maximum impact, and that by using a stakeholder-led approach, we were able to develop an authentic, community-focused, implementable plan that helped us navigate a tricky time with confidence and purpose.

"Gill is a down-to-earth and creative thinker, with a real grounding in comms strategy, who I wouldn't hesitate to work with again. "


- Stephen Hardwick,

former Communications Director

"Gill is a clever, politically-astute and gifted communicator and communications professional.

"She writes exceptionally well and reliably delivers high-quality outputs at a pace which makes her first choice when speed and dependability are critical.

"She was always the person to whom I turned first when I needed someone with the capacity to crunch through a high volume of work and produce right-first-time communications. That quality makes her great value for money as a consultant."  


- Hannah Drake, Artistic Director

Gill is a fire-cracker: simultaneously kind, challenging and inspiring.


In one day she helped us untangle the knots we face as an organisation and start to get out of the "dead marshes" to find the beginnings of a map and strategy to help sustain us for the next five years.


I look forward to working with her again as both an organisation leader and individual arts professional


- Pippa Thornton, Assistant Director

Gill facilitated an in-depth comms workshop which gave our team a genuine and surprising insight into the strengths and opportunities of our organisations, helping us to identify a clear set of goals which have renewed our focus. In just half a day she gave us a new sense of energy and excitement - we can’t wait to work with her again!


- former trustee, Svenja Geissmar

I have worked with Gill for a number of years serving together as Executive Directors of a London based NGO.


Gill was a pleasure to work with always focused on strategic priorities and energetic to achieve results. Gill is able to sift through volume of work and politics to concentrate on what is important and get it done. She does so with great ability to communicate intelligently and clearly.


Gill is also very personable and has a great sense of humour. I am always happy to work with Gill and would recommend her highly.