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Crisis Communications

Got a crisis plan you rehearse live every quarter? Wish you could?

It's never too late.

From the C-suite to the on-site team, Lyric can get you emergency-ready. 

Communications Audits

"What just happened?" A boardroom's best - and worst - question.

Win or lose, you need know fast, to replicate success and avoid future melt-downs.

Big Day-Ready?

The big day's near  -stakes are high; you need a clear mind.

Lyric will get your messaging, support  your backroom and your performers show-ready and ready to wow.

Discovery Workshops

Hunting the best way to get the passion across? Uncertain why things aren't working any more? Workshops are a powerful way to get insight throughout the organisation. 

Helping You

Caring for your assets: 
team training

Lyric's been training individuals and teams for over 20 years to help them "think comms".


We help you be smart  communicators - not just on the projects you think need "communications", but in every challenge you face.

Say it brilliantly:
Plain English

Clear language is vital. And it's not as easy as it looks. 

Lyric can teach you how - and even do it for you, translating experts' well-meaning gobbledegook into easy-read, powerful information. 

Understanding & caring for 
audiences: stakeholder relations

Are you 100% sure you know who you're talking to, and who is hearing what?

Who are your stakeholders.  What matters to them? What do they need from you? Let's find out.