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The back story

Gill Kirk set up Lyric Communications in 2005 after 12 years helping people change their worlds by improving their communications. 

Businesses, agencies, cultural bodies, charities, start-ups, government and campaign groups - her clients come from all parts of society. She helps in times of excitement and times of challenge: strategic reviews, team development, change management, relaunches, and genuine community engagement to name a few (you can read more about them here.)


Before Lyric, Gill won fast-tracked benefits for people with Motor Neurone Disease, got VAT removed from the shop-price of continence pads and rewrote Heathrow's political and community relations for the building of T5, the proposed third runway and Concorde's retirement. She was Head of Public Affairs at BAA Heathrow, Director of Campaigns and Media at RNID, an NGO director, charity trustee, agency consultant and a trend-beating parliamentary candidate. 


She works with several community groups across the country, and has been working as a scriptwriter and live children's storyteller in her spare time - all of which build her communications armoury to her clients' delight. A deep understanding of story and audience underpins all her work. "Every mistake - in stories or in life -  can be traced back along the thread. So often, it all comes down to communication."

If you'd like to connect with Gill, you can find her on LinkedIn, here

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