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What's the secret of success? Relationships.

Audits and Strategy Development
Workshops, coaching and training


Ever guilty of doing the comms plan last?

Don't ruin a great strategy by tacking communications on at the end. Great governance means thinking about your communications on day one. Lyric will help you to do that, or support a retro-fit that works, and take you confidently into the future.

Are you really listening and hearing? 

Lyric was founded to run great consultations - because bad ones harm morale, reputations, and the bottom line. Whether it's with staff, neighbours, customers or members, Lyric improves your listening, your relationships and performance. 

Are you talking with the right people? 

Are you talking to the right people? Is that a hunch, or a dead cert? Save your sanity by with a stakeholder map, to know who your audiences are before you start talking: local authorities, artists, patients, politicians, fans or critics.

How do you sound?

Do staff hear the same voice that the organisation uses outside? If there's a difference - or worse, a terrifying chasm - Lyric can put it right. Before misunderstandings lead to lasting problems. 

Do you come across well?

"Live performance" needs extra care. For media relations, TED Talks, conferences, staff events, Parliamentary Committees or just events - this is 100% tailored for you, to make you a confident speaker and a great ambassador for your cause.

Are you really speaking the same language?

Finding it hard to get away from jargon and long, long sentences? Lyric will help your language shine. Plain English is hard - but worth learning: clarity shows you care about your audience. 

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