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Good communication can be complicated.  Lyric helps organisations communicate to the highest standard, with integrity.

Here are just a few of our services, that might inspire you:

Stakeholder Mapping

Most organisations start with the sense that they need to do some talking. But what's backing up their idea of who needs to hear what?


Stakeholder mapping is a methodical, common-sense process, but one that needs colleagues to work together and be ready to challenge their own assumptions and listen hard to one another.


It's the brilliantly helpful first step in many a strategic plan: remembering who your audiences are and what matters to them - whether that's local authorities, artists or ticket-buyers, patients, politicians or protestors. Everyone needs to be heard. 

What's Your Message? "Throwing Paint" Workshops

"Gill achieved more in a day than most people would do in a week. Big results, and we're still all talking about what we learned months later." - Tom Lewis,  Cowork Inc.

Fresh ideas don't leap from a desk. "Throwing Paint" workshops are the perfect way to find what you really mean through play and exploration. Designed to meet your needs and hopes, it's fun, goes deep and connects your team to your organisation's aims and messages. 

Great for new projects, networks, campaigns, start-ups, entrepreneurs and anyone who wants some truly fresh thinking around great ideas. Real paint-throwing is optional...

Planning: short-term, long-term

"Gill has the rare but essential quality of possessing sound judgment, coupled with excellent analytical skills.  She has undertaken first-class campaigns on behalf of our clients from many sectors." - Nigel Clarke, Chairman, Learned Lion LLP

You know what you're doing for the months and years ahead, but have you worked as hard on how to communicate it?  Short and long-term comms planning is an essential part of good governance, in business, charities or campaigns. Working with senior and junior team members, here's how to build an earthquake-proof comms plan to take you confidently into the future.

Public Speaking & Media Training

"Gill has the unique ability to enable you to look at your project in exciting new ways and gently help you pull out threads of gold and weave them into articulate and cohesive narratives." - Luke Emmett, founder, Theatre Bath & Theatre Bath Bus

You're not the first to face the prospect of "brushing up" your public speaking. You won't be the last.

As with any communication, speeches have to be right for the audience - but unlike any other, they're a live performance. This training - for media interviews, TED Talks, conferences, staff events, Parliamentary Committees or public events - is 100% built around you as an individual. It will make you a confident messenger and a great ambassador for your organisation and cause.  

Clear copy & rewrites

"Gill writes exceptionally well and reliably delivers high-quality at a pace which makes her first choice when speed and dependability are critical." 
- Stephen Hardwick, former BAA Corporate Communications & Public Affairs Director 

We've all suffered soul-destroying jargon and jarring tone of voice. It pops up all over - from reports that are better than any sleeping pill, to websites that scrape your very being. 

Getting it right is about caring for your audience. Lyric will make you fresh again, help you say what you mean, with honesty and energy. And if you're fresh, people will want to listen.

Team Training & Workshops

"Gill is not afraid of challenging issues & has a natural ability to understand how to motivate even the most difficult team members towards a common goal.”
- Mary Butlin, Director, Tonica Marketing Insight

When you need a session on a sensitive subject - skills improvement, consultation, message development, implementing a new strategy - an independent expert is essential. When talking comms with a diverse group, you need an external facilitator. Whether you're a partnership, collaboration, delegates from different disciplines or ranks, even the most skilled internal person is partisan. 

Find Your Tone

“Understanding what makes people tick and how to enhance communication is the essence of successful business.  This is where Gill excels. With minimum of preamble she gets to the nub of what will be a creative leap forward.”   
- Andrew Ferguson, Confidential Decision Support


It can be surprisingly hard to hit the right note and find a tone that represents you well. Too often, your verbal communications tell a story that doesn't match your brand. 

Lyric excels at helping clients find the language that works, by listening to staff, senior management and your stakeholders. 

Public Consultations A-Z: from design to review

"Gill always brought creativity, political insight and her sharp mind to assignments. She has an excellent record at building relationships and delivering outstanding results to a range of clients from charities to large corporates." 
- Sarah Hirsch, Director, E&Y; former Director, Charles Barker BSMG

Lyric was born to run great consultations. Its roots are in building a trustworthy bridge between an organisation that wants to make significant developments, and the affected community.  Done badly, the harm to reputation, morale and bottom line is lasting and significant. Done well, and you build powerful community and stakeholder relations that enhance both projects and quality of life -  a great human gain. 

Past projects include: Preventing property blight around the proposed third runway (BAA Heathrow); Royal Shakespeare Company, redevelopment of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre; Bristol Old Vic, front of house redevelopment; Transport for London's first equality duty schemes (disability, race, gender, age, sexuality).

Individual Coaching

"What shone brightly was Gill's passion and knowledge. For anyone looking to be inspired, encouraged, guided, or to pick the brain of someone who knows the industry but doesn't have time to attend hundreds of courses - Gill is your woman."
- Kamala Mann, writer

Individual coaching is a great way to build on your current skills. Many leaders, entrepreneurs, campaigners and creatives are adept at knowing exactly where they need to get stronger - it's a defining part of their strength. 

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