Crisis Communications

You might have a plan you rehearse live every quarter. Or you might be wishing you had, and worrying it's too late. It is never too late to communicate well. For internal training and external audiences,  Lyric can help you, your C-suite and your on-the-ground team in the heat of the moment, and planning ahead. 

Communications Audits

"What just happened?" The boardroom's best - and worst - question. Surpassed expectations? Wonderful - let's work out how. You had a horror? OK - let's see what got you there.  It's imperative you understand - and quickly - so you can replicate success and avoid melt-downs.  Lyric runs excellent communications audits and "post-mortems" that give you a clear path ahead. 

Big Days: being ready

The big day's approaching  - a show, an event, launch or announcement.  The stakes are high and you need a clear mind to get it right.

Lyric will help you plan your pace,  resources, get the messaging spot-on and integrate it all into your mainstream. 

Supporting your strategists and tacticians, your backroom and your performers, Lyric

Discovery workshops

You might be a start-up hunting  the best way to get your passion across. Or a national institution that's  scratching its head, uncertain why things aren't working any more. Workshops are a  powerful tool that help us have meaningful conversations and ask insightful

 questions throughout your organisation.


Caring for your assets: 

team training

Training comes in as many forms as there are organisations. Lyric's been training individuals and teams for a couple of decades in how to "think comms". We help you understand professional communications, how to work with decision-making bodies and how to approach your own communications output. 

Say it brilliantly:

Plain English

As any keen Parliament-watcher of late will know, dollops of lengthy Latinate words rarely warm up an audience. 

Clear language is vital. And it's not as easy as it looks. 

Lyric can teach you how - and even do it for you, translating your experts' well-meaning gobbledegook into easy-read, powerful information. 

Understanding & caring for 

audiences: stakeholder relations

Are you really sure you know who you're talking to, and who is hearing what? Your stakeholders are everyone who is affected by your work: staff, neighbours, clients, regulators, and so on. 

Best practice means going back to basics and mapping out your stakeholders.  Who are they? What do they expect and need from you? How do they want to hear from you? Are you engaging enough? We will find out.